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 Luxeon III (T-bin) for 90 Lumen Lightoutput

 or Luxeon K2 (V-bin) for 120 Lumen light output (October 2006)


 Operating Life LED

 100,000h (>11 years of continues on)


 Forward LED Current

 50 to 1,000mA



 3.4'' (86mm) x 1.125'' (28mm)



 ~5 oz (140g)



 3V CR123 Primary Lithium or protected rechargeable 3.6V RCR123


 Constant Brightness


 Proprietary regulation circuitry maintains constant

 light level as battery voltage drops.


 Battery Boost Feature

 Increases usable battery life by up to 30%,

 compared to leading competitors


 Available Materials

 300 Series Stainless Steel

(Aircraftgrade Aluminum or Titanium available at special request)

 Overdrive Feature

 Two thermal sensors monitor LED & circuitry allowing superior overdrive brigthness for a temperature dependent limited amount of time.


 Multi Brigthness Levels

Unlimited regulated brigthness levels are available by turning the knob in the back allowing either maximum brightness or maximum runtime or any setting in between.



Circular Narrow Beam Optic with half angle divergence of only 6°


 Environmental Seals

Silicone elastomers fabricated using high vacuum degas process


 Water Sealing

>1m (>3ft)



High precision components with <0.0005'' (0.01mm) tolerance




Heatsink bars pressed into main body under >500lb axial force to maximize thermal efficiency and structural integrity under stress


Each GatLight is carefully hand assembled from more than 82 components to achieve the superior performance levels.



Design provides maximized thermal efficiency by maximizing exposed surface area.


Copper core driver board to maximize thermal dissipation.


LED mounted to circuit board using high performance thermal dissipation pad commonly used in spaceflight applications.


Circuit board epoxy potted using aerospace grade thermally conductive epoxy to maximize thermal mass and conduction surface area.


 User Interface

Double ball bearing based mechanism to ensure tactile clicking operation.




 Estimated Retail Price  to be determined




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